The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum
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Copyright September 2004

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The Lambert Typewriter shown beside the Wide Carriage Butler
Butler Lambert

The Blickensderfer 8 Wide Carriage
Blick 8 Wide

The Blickensderfer 9 Wide Carriage
Blick 9 Wide

The Edison Mimeograph Index Typewriter Model 2

The Hammond Model 6 Wide Carriage Typewriter
Hammond 6
This wide carriage Model 6 is based on the Model 2. It has a universal keyboard, but uses a curved baseboard and top. This model is not seen often.

The Oliver 5 Wide Carriage
Oliver 5

The Remington Standard Model 8 Carriage B
Rem 8

The Remington 50 Very Very Very Wide Carriage
Rem 50

The Salter Model 9 Wide Carriage
Salter 9

The Smith Premier Model 10 C Wide Carriage
SP 10C

The Yost 11 Wide Carriage
Yost 11