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Postal #1 - New York City
Postal 1Postal 2
Postal #1 - New York City, Circa 1902, sn 1006. This is the only one that I have seen. The first serial numbers I have seen for model 2's are 1624, 1712, and 1789. There are several features on this machine not seen on later models.

(1)Notice the shape of the copper cover. There are two pointed protrusions.Copper covers ARE seen on other models.
(2)The Postal decal is located on a solid shield, rather than an insert under an open shield. The text is the same as the model #2. The text on model 3 or 4 differs by saying Norwalk or a foreign locale.
(3)The front of the typebars DO NOT have a top retaining bracket on this early model.

Postal #2 - New York City(coming soon)
Postal 3

Postal #3
Postal 3
Postal #3 (decal is under the cutout shield).

Postal #4 - London
Postal 4 Postal 4 kb
The Postal 4 is the export version of the Postal 3. This keyboard features international punctuation. Circa 1905.

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