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Salter Standard No. 6 Typewriter
Salter 6
A gorgeous English typewriter with stylish pillars on either side. Early models used inkpads, later "Improved" models use ribbons. Circa 1900.

Salter Standard No. 9 Wide Carriage Typewriter
Salter 9
Serial No. 280. Circa 1908.

Salter Standard No. 10 Typewriter
Salter 10 Salter side
Serial Number 20,795. -- The Salter is a BEAUTIFUL English machine. Total production was about 23,000 for ALL Salter models. For comparison, consider that about 35,000 of the Smith Premier #1 were produced. Red and gold decoration. Fit for a KING. Circa 1908.

Salter Visible Typewriter
Salter Visible
The Salter Visible is a large ugly beast. It was available in gray or black. The front frame is nickle plated on both models. About 3000 units were produced. Rare. Serial no. 380. Circa 1913.

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