The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum
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Annell' 3A Typewriter
The Annell' 3A is said to be the mail order version of the Woodstock 4. Marketed by Harry Annell Smith. There are sheet metal and ribbon holder changes, at least. There is no cosmetic similarity to the #4. Advertised in 1922. Scarce.

The Bar Let Portable Typewriters
The Bar Let Portable typewriters. Model 1 in Maroon, Green and Blue. Model 2 in Red, Green and Blue. Manufactured in the UK by Barlock. Circa 1930s.

Butler Typewriter
Butler Typewriter 2
The Butler Typewriter is a slightly wider carriage version of the Lambert Typewriter. It is shown here with the smaller Lambert.
Only about 10 Butlers are known to exist. Circa 1905.

National Typewriter Paperweight
Paperwieght 1 Paperweight 2
This fantastic paperweight advertises the rare National curved front typewriter. Circa 1889.

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