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Dactyle /Dactyle 3/Dactyle 8/Dactyle Aluminum Featherweight
dactyleDactyleplatedactyle3a dactyle3 dactyle8 dactyle aluminum
French nameplate on a Blickensderfer. The Dactyle is a Blick 5, The Dactyle 3 is a Blick 7. A Dactyle 8. A Dactyle Aluminum (Featherweight)

Koeln Blickensderfer - Groyen & Richtmann
2 piece sole leather case
Unusual German keyboard layout (charienstu)
Poster Stamp for Koeln and Berlin.
Koeln BlickKoeln Blick

Koeln Blick Blick Case Koeln Blick Koeln stamp

Solingen Blickensderfer - Groyen & Richtmann
MISSPELLED Nameplate ???(should be RichTmann)
Solingen Blick

New Zealand Blickensderfer
Advertising Seal for NZ Typewriter Co.
Leather Carrying Case with stationary drawer
NZ Blick

NZ Blick sealNZ Blick case 3

NZ Blick case 1 NZ Blick case 2