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Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum (home page)


Extremely RARE Machines

The Adder (10 key)
Austin adding machine (Double glass side panels)
Austin adding machine (Single glass side panel)
Cheape's Adding and Subtracting Machine
Ellis Adding-Typewriting Machine (Glass sides)
J L Herring (Webb variation) Adder
Ray Subtracto-Adder with desktop stand
Hauff "Optima" Double Disk
Standard Model B adding machine (Glass sides)

Scarce or Rare Machines

Bassett Adding Machine - black
Bassett Adding Machine - green
Comptometer - Model 1 - Wooden Case (aka macaroni box)
Comptometer - Model A
Federal Visible Adding and Listing Machine (Glass sides)
Chateau Calculator / Dactyle Calculators
Locke Adder with shipping container
MADAS Calculator (Electric)
Marchant Calculator Model XL
Marchant Calculator (First Electric Model- outboard motor)
Mechanical Accountant - full keyboard
Mechanical Accountant - full keyboard - Red
Mechanical Accountant - Simplex
Peerless K & E Improved Reckoning Machine
Remington Rand Calculator (Model 96 Electromechanical)
Standard Desk Calcumeters (5, 6, 7 and 8 column examples)
Triumphator Calculator - RED

Common Machines

American adding machine - Model 1
American adding and listing machine - Model 4
Barrett Adding Machine (Model A)
Barrett Adding Machine (Model 12)
Barrett Adding Machine (Model 6)
Burroughs adding machine with tall stand (Glass sides)
Comptator, Sabielny and BUG calculators
Dalton adding machine with low stand (Glass sides)
Remington Rand portable adding mache
Monarch portable adding machine
Precise / Metro Adder
Victor (Model 6)
Victor Full keyboard (brown with green bakelite keys)
Wales (Model 10) (Glass sides)
Walther RMKZ calculator