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Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum (home page) |

Antique Typewriter Websites belonging to my friends.

The Classic Typewriter Page
(The first.......the best!!!!)Richard Polt's page from Ohio.

Jett Morton's Typewriter page
From Wild Wonderful West Virginia.

Alan Seaver shows his collection and more.
From Rochester, Minnesota .

Mellow 60s Workshop, The Collection of John Payton.
From Taylor, Texas.

The Landbee Collection
This collection is being liquidated.
(One of the great Blickensderfer collections!!!
From Les Owen in the United Kingdom.

Virtual Typewriter Museum
A very classy site from Paul Robert - Netherlands.

Shannon L Johnson's Typewriter Collection
(Featuring Corona and Oliver Tributes)-
From South Dakota.

Markus Elster shows the collection of his father, Tilman Elster
From Herford, Germany.

A very nice website from Wim Van Rompuy and Guy Perard
Don't miss the Remington 21 Vertical Adder.
Don't miss their restoration pictures.
From Belgium.

The Collection of Juan Ramon Gracia
From Spain.

The Early Office Museum (Everything from paperclips to typewriters).
Curated by my friend, Mark.

Office Collectibles
( Private collection of adding machines, calculators, etc. )
Jay Goldman's excellent webpage from Montreal.